Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Butterfly Tattoos On Back Of Neck

Butterfly Tattoos On Back Of Neck
Tattooing is an ancient body art form which is practiced on the human body in order to beautify it. Nowadays, people from all walks of life choose to etch one. It's no longer restricted to the rebels and anti-social kinds. Girl tattoos are not very uncommon now, rather many girls prefer to get a tattoo done in order to make a style statement. To know more about tattoos for women, go through, feminine tattoo designs.

There are different areas of your body where a tattoo would look good. Arm is one of the most popular sites to get a tattoo. Also, shoulder, ankle, hip and stomach are some of the other areas where you can get a tattoo. But if you can dare to do something different, I suggest you go for neck tattoos. Neck tattoos for girls may run a risk than other tattoos as the skin of the neck is quite sensitive and may cause a great deal of pain. But the end result would be something you would simply love to flaunt.
A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly through metamorphosis. Hence, a butterfly tattoo signifies the concept of rebirth. It also denotes femininity and elegance. A little butterfly on the nape would make a cute neck tattoo for girls. Some women even go for dragonfly tattoos as they are rarer than butterfly tattoos. But don't select any other insect design for the neck for the sake of being different.

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